Connect with like-minded people,
exchange ideas and learn faster.

Vibrantly Gluten Free is a community for people who are learning to eat gluten-free in order to be their best and healthiest selves.

Benefits of becoming a member


1. Learn to live gluten free and love it!

Finding out that your long-term health is being compromised by your gluten sensitivities can feel overwhelming. Questions and doubts about how to find clear direction are normal. The Vibrantly Gluten Free Community is here to help.


2. Have an accountability group.

Let’s face it. Being gluten free is not easy. Having a community to help you navigate the daily challenges of restoring your health can help you reach your health goals faster.


3. Moderated by a naturopathic doctor.

Though she cannot offer medical advice in the community, Dr. Dana Schmidt, ND, can guide you to the resources you need based on her own experiences of healing from celiac disease.


4. Find accurate up-to-the-minute information.

You’ll have three monthly lessons that present current medical knowledge, along with actionable suggestions. In each activity segment in this program you have an opportunity to get detailed answers to your questions. You’ll also find recipes, book recommendations, resource guides and more.


5. Get exclusive deals.

Your Vibrantly Gluten Free membership offers you savings on quality supplements.


6. Become part of a team.

In your Vibrantly Gluten Free Community you’ll find like-minded people to help support your health goals, whatever they may be.

Today there is more access to information than ever.

And it can feel like an avalanche. How can you get the trusted and targeted information that you need?

  1. The Vibrantly Gluten Free Community strives to curate information so you don’t slog through the internet and social media. Vibrantly Gluten Free is about getting you the right information at the right time.
  2. Vibrantly Gluten Free is a small group of like-minded people who want to overcome the challenges of being gluten free. They want to be their best, at home or on the job. You’ll be able to connect with others easily in our cozy setting instead of feeling lost in giant forums.

When you join this private community you can learn, exchange ideas and connect with people just like you. People who want to be healthy and offer their family and friends the best they can be.


Activities available when you enroll.

Join the community

Sign up for Vibrantly Gluten Free and you are immediately in our private group and course.

Share your challenges

Ask your questions in a safe learning environment. Find key information to guide your progress.

Move ahead

With a community to help you achieve your health goals, you’ll make progress faster.

What people are saying

Join our private community

– Get key information

– Ask questions in a caring place

– Learn and share with others

What is vibrantly gluten free?

When you live vibrantly gluten free you face your challenges. You win your inner game.

Is Vibrantly Gluten Free right for me?


You’re willing to learn.

You understand that learning and growing are entwined.

You’re willing to try new ideas.

You’ll see how to move from confused to confident about your health.

You love to share with others.

We learn more from our mistakes than our successes. Success or failure, you are willing to share your experiences to help others.

You enjoy connecting with like-minded people.

This community attracts people who want to learn a new way of being.

You don’t care for Facebook Communities.

Here you are with a small group of like-minded people who share a common purpose of learning to be vibrantly gluten free.

You want to move forward, guided by data-driven, resourced guidance.

Hi, this is Dana. I invite you to join our Vibrantly Gluten Free Community. I wasted years figuring out how to restore my health on my own. Now I’m committed to helping others with gluten sensitivities and autoimmune disorders from making the mistakes I’ve made. When you have the right group of people to ask questions, you gain insight into your health challenges quickly. This community exists to help you move forward as fast as possible.

Dr. Dana Schmidt, ND

Dr. Dana Schmidt, ND
The Celiac Doctor
Founder of Vibrantly Gluten Free

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the community?

You can access the Vibrantly Gluten Free Community on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, on any device you own. Anywhere you are. When you join you’ll enter immediately into our private forum.

Why is this not free?

This is a moderated group, led by a naturopathic doctor. It is not social media. If it were free, the size of the group might swell to include thousands of people, which makes connection difficult. A smaller group aids in personal connection and builds community with like-minded people.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds, but you can leave the community at anytime when you cancel your account in your community profile settings. There is no need to request a cancellation.

Are there rules?

We are a friendly community where everyone should feel welcomed to share their ideas without being shamed or ridiculed. If we see a member not being supportive of other members we will ask them to leave.

What payment options do you have?

We accept all credit cards.

How can I cancel?

If you don’t wish to continue your membership simply login to our members area, go to your settings and cancel your account. No need to call or email anyone.

Vibrantly Gluten Free 

Community support in meeting your health goals.